Discover, Retain and Leverage Top Talent

Search for experts or resources at your business and in real-time track expertise, behavior, satisfaction and influence.
No surveys or forms required, we integrate directly into communications.


Identify, engage and retain top talent by removing blockers.
Then use our HR Insights tool to further monitor and improve satisfaction.

Reduce Turnover
( Est. 5% reduced employment cost )

Track satisfaction, influence, and remove pain points

Remove Blockers
( Est. 15% productivity increase )

Connect experts where and when they are needed

Reduce Duplication
( Est. 10% productivity increase )

Explore trends & products and notify of related work

Easy Setup

Deploy InsiderOpinion and send us communications.
InsiderOpinion does the rest!

Step 1: Deploy

We will help you deploy onsite, or host it in the cloud

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Step 2: Connect

Send emails, messages, and more to us. We do the rest!

Technical Specs

Step 3: Find Experts

Add our bot to your messaging system (e.g. slack) or text it

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Step 4: Insights

Find experts, track trends, monitor satisfaction and more

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Our Pricing

We charge monthly per active authors in the system. Plus, hosting fees.

Small Business
Under 100 Employees


a month
per employee + hosting
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Chatbot & Web Search

Insights Suite

Integration Assistance

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Daytime Support

Large Business
Over 5000 Employees


set by contract
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Chatbot, Web Search, API, SMS

Custom Insights Suite

Custom Integrations

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Dedicated Support Staff

Some FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to InsiderOpinion


What is InsiderOpinion?

InsiderOpinion is a platform which identifies & categorizes employees by expertise and content based solely on conversations (messages) sent to its APIs. This is accomplished by by processing every conversation with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other Machine Learning (ML) techniques. From there, it can identify subjects, tone, mood, content being discussed, expertise and more.


How does InsiderOpinion Scale?

It scales very well. Today, we can process approximately 70 comments per second per 2.2 Ghz CPU core provided, utilizing 210 Mb of RAM per process. For reference, the infrastructure cost for us to process all of Hacker News and much of Reddit (about a million authors), costs us less than $1000 a month.


What does the setup look like?

The InsiderOpinion deployment process depends largely on the enterprise environment. The system itself only requires the ability to run python, ruby, and a postgreSQL backend. If you have the ability to launch a webservice, we can setup InsiderOpinion in no time.


How do I get InsiderOpinion?

Contact Us, we'll be back to you as soon as possible! Given our minimal setup, we should be able to get a proof-of-concept going relatively quickly - often in less than a day.

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